The Overflow Is Ending

Over the last two months, The Daily has grown. We've doubled in readership since the start of the summer, which has been truly fantastic! The Overflow hasn't grown with it though.

This is in some ways a sad point, with one of the first expansions being wound down, but there are other projects in our pipeline that deserve much more attention than they're currently receiving. These can hopefully help drive us forward, and I anticipate they will be a better use of our time than the Overflow is currently proving to be. We must stay where our readers need us, and want us. The appetite for the Daily hasn't slowed, and being able to dedicate more time to the main project will provide you with the best we have to offer every day.

Your emails will keep coming every morning, and we've tweaked the subscription update form to allow you to now belong to both editions of the Daily.

I'm hoping to be able to unveil these exciting additions soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you for all your support, and your continued readership through the months.


Have a great day,