Meet your hard-working team

Gregor Scott - Daily Editor

Last year I was convinced that a news app which ranked stories by global impact, instead of by what you were likely to click on, would be a worthwhile endeavour. That idea fell away as I accepted I couldn't rightly compile and rank a heap of stories every day. What stuck around in the recesses of my mind though, was the idea that some stories are important and others are purely entertainment, there had to be a new editorial process that the web was missing...

And so I started Your Tiny Daily, a very short, and very digital daily newspaper that will take you all of two minutes to read. I enjoy writing it, and so far people enjoy reading it.

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Cassandra Scott - Daily Editor

I joined up with Your Tiny Daily to help write editions and to contribute to its development. You'll occasionally see me writing emails and Overflow editions. I'm looking forward to helping as we see the Daily grow further!